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by: Milton William Cooper

Publisher: Mission Possible Commercial Printing

Copyright: 1991

Cover: Joanna Heikens

Type: Softcover

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, 11/5/1996

Summary: Not recommended.

Well, it looked interesting and it had a horsy title.

On page 196 of BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, in a chapter titled “The Secret Government”, William Cooper states that between “January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft, 65 alien bodies, and one live alien were recovered. The wreckage and carnage didn’t stop there. The government, directed by a clique in the Council on Foreign Relations, taking its lead from the Bilderberg “elite committee known as the Policy Committee”, instituted a rigorous program of secrecy to contain information about aliens.

In reading the 30 page Forward in this book, you develop a respect for Mr. Cooper based on what you sense is his solid character, his adherence to rules of fair play, his military service, his avowed intent of “educating the American people”. Once you get past the Forward however you are wadding through a muddle of convoluted conspiracies and a steady stream of vindictive against “the new world order”. In short, this is a book about fear.

It would be a mistake to alter one’s opinion of Mr. Cooper based solely on the content of the remanding 470 pages of his book. But to attempt to rationally, dispassionately wad through this material without considering the mind, the character and experience of the person putting it together is an exercise most of us are simply incapable of doing.

For instance, on page 215, Mr. Cooper states that Secret Service agent William Geer, President John F. Kennedy’s limousine driver on that November 23rd, 1963 day in Dallas, turned around in the driver’s seat and shot Kennedy. The Zapruder film was, according to this story, subsequently altered to erase the gun in the driver’s hand. (If you watch the actions of the driver starting at around frame 250 in the Zapruder film you see the driver’s response to Kennedy’s movements after Kennedy is shot). How do you deal with a contention as extraordinary as this? How do you analyze, clarify. . .how do you even begin to approach a common ground for weighing the facts, the pros and cons. Well, I honestly don’t think you can. And this, believe it or not, is one of the attributes that makes this book fascinating. It’s like, from another universe.

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE is an extreme example of propagandism which the Microsoft Bookshelf dictionary defines as the “systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those people advocating such a doctrine or cause”. “Those people” in this instance is the singular Mr. Milton William Cooper. The doctrine or cause in this instance is The Fight Against the Grand Conspiracy For a New World Order–whatever the hell that is.

The hallmark of propagandism is that some people will agree will some of the propaganda spiel, while only the minutest of the fringe will agree with all the spiel. It is a classic circumstance in which half truths can be elevated to a cause. (The recent flak over “crack” cocaine and the Central Intelligence Agency is a prime example a half truth taking on a life of its own.

What some people regard as outlandish fantasy is gospel to others. Take a hodgepodge of conspiracy theories, isolated “facts” and an over-riding though ill-defined fear that ties it all together as you have in BEHOLD A PALE HORSE and you have all the necessary ingredients for tearing down the fabric of civilization. It happened in Communist Russia. It happened in Nazi Germany. It happened in Cambodia. It happened in China during the Cultural Revolution. Facts are fears, fears are fact.

The error in dismissing works such as BEHOLD A PALE HORSE as discordant rumblings from the fringe is that “sensible” people will dismiss it for what it is. But again, not everyone is in agreement on what is fantasy in the propaganda spiel and what is fact. What’s outlandish to one is sacred truth to another. And therein lies the danger of this stuff.

With the explosion in information communication it is only a matter of time before we have more good intentioned people writing tracks against the coming whatever, or exposing the real “truth”. (An excellent example is the heartfelt belief that TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a missile because mechanical failure is just too gosh darn simple in this complicated world). I imagine it to be a sort of geometric progression. From the grand alphabet soup of a propaganda tract, X number of people will pick out Y number of “facts” they regard as truth and go their merry, propaganda prone way. Soon, everything will be a Lie: anything can be the Truth. If you think about it, this is really what all these secreted Masters of the Universe are trying to achieve. It is what the revealers of grand conspiracies, like Mr. Cooper, achieve with little effort. Does this mean then that the seekers of truth are really part of the grand conspiracy? Mmmm, I wonder . . ..

The conspiracy angle in BEHOLD A PALE HORSE is certainly not new. Some of this stuff has been floating around since the upheaval inaugurated by the French Revolution. The Illuminati, the super-secret society that is supposedly the real master of the universe, has been the sub-topic of hundreds of these diatribes. According to Cooper, the Illuminati and their spin-off societies (the Bilderberg Group being the major spin-off), are responsible for everything of note occurring in the 20th century–from the Nazi war machine, birth-control methods, homosexuality, Chubby Checker and the Twist, and the hoola-hoop. (Actually Cooper didn’t name these last two. I just sort of tossed them in because I have a thing against dancing).

On page 173, Cooper says that tobacco fields have been fertilized with radioactive tailings from uranium mines, explaining the growth in lung cancer since the 1950s. California’s effort to rid the state of the Mediterranean fruit fly by using Malathion, a nerve gas developed by the Nazis during World War II, is part of the ultimate population control agenda of the masters of the universe.

Very little that is nefarious, infamous, controversial or anointed by conspiracy buffs as a conspiracy is left out of BEHOLD A PALE HORSE. The only question left unanswered is if the Grand Conspiracy Masters are so clever and smart why do they behave so stupidly. No wait. Don’t answer that. It was a rhetorical question. The answer is that the reason they behave so stupidly is so they can conceal just how really clever and smart they are. And please, no more questions.

Save your money on this one.

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