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Dark Rivers of the Heart – Book Comment

DarkRiversoftheHeartAuthor: Dean Koontz
Publisher: Bantam Books Mass Market, Random House, Inc
Copyright: 1994, ISBN: 0345533036
Type: Fiction, paperback
Reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, January 6, 2016

Summary: A mystery with multiple layers ending in an expected place. The journey to get there however is one of the best of Koontz’s narratives.

Being an armchair historian, one of the reasons I read fiction is to see how much “real life” intrudes into fictional narratives. Sometimes, vice-versus–but rarely. Koontz’s DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART, published in 2004, is amazing in how much it captures the social and political sentiments of our current times.

I am working my way through every Koontz novel ever published (except the ebook things). I have two Koontz novels I think are beyond common fiction and the best Koontz could possibly produce. DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART is one of the two. Compared to Dan Brown’s examination of tech’s influence on society in his DIGITAL FORTRESS (published in 1998), Koontz hits all the right flare points in the setting and characters presented in story of real high-tech adventure.

Spencer Grant is the seemly lost, untethered hero and Valerie Keene the mysterious heroine who he finds before she finds him. As with any story of people running from their lives, there are others in search of them. Our current emotive posturing over privacy or the lack thereof are clearly foreshadowed in this novel.

As with most of Koontz’s novels, he balances descriptive atmosphere with action. DARK RIVERS is one of the few fiction books to keep around for a re-read.

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