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Understanding Neural Networks: The Experimenter’s Guide – Book Comment


Publisher: Images SI, Inc

Copyright: 2012

Summary: eBook publication. Tutorial on the technical side to implementing artificial intelligence hardware and software systems.

For those of us who crawled around the fringes of artificial intelligence programming in the 1980s, UNDERSTANDING NEURAL NETWORKS is a refresher on the validity of the dream.  The dream, in this instance, of a 2001 HAL calmly issuing supportive instructions during a crisis; or a computerized centurion with near omnipresent powers, such as Ed in Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas novel, ODD INTERLUDE, charged with safeguarding an abandoned human project.

This book does not advance the dream beyond the 1990s.  However, it is probably the clearest, most concise explanation of the underlying science of computer “intelligence” you will find anywhere.  With plenty of illustrations and diagrams, my only recommendation is that the reader get a hardcopy version rather than the ebook. If you are only interested in the “refresher”, the first five chapters in either ebook or hardcopy will suffice.  The material is presented in an amazingly logical and simple manner.  Anyone can grasp the basics.

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