Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms – Book Review

Author: David Kessler
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Copyright: 2010, ISBN 1401925437
Cover: Nick C. Welch
Reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, June 5, 2017



Summary: Anecdotal stories of people revolving around the death of loved ones. Territory covered before but very well organized with a thoughtful Afterword.

Coming into a state of spiritual awareness can happen as a result of an instantaneous revelation or the slow accumulation of experience. Most arrive at a belief in something higher than themselves through life experiences. Experiences like those described in VISIONS, TRIPS, AND CROWDED ROOMS are part of life experiences that many people undergo.

Only those with little experience and committed to the philosophy of science can conceive of a world without unknowns. In VISIONS, TRIPS, AND CROWDED ROOMS, David Kessler (along with co-authors) presents a few death bed experiences for which there is no scientific explanation. There is nothing particularly new in these episodes. The cumulative effect however is enlightening.

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