The Lost City of the Monkey God – Book Review

Author: Douglas Preston
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group
Copyright: 2017, ISBN: 1455540020
Cover: Flag and Herman Estevez
Reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, May 7, 2017


Summary: On the northeast coast of Honduras in a region called La Mosquitia is what the author calls “some of the last unexplored places on earth”. This book gives us a peek into the area. Bonus stuff: archaeology is a competitive, backstabbing business; parasitologists deserve greater recognition; avoid fer-de-lance snakes and sand flies.

Yeah, Indiana Jones comes up once in this book. I believe it is in reference to his Fedora. In any event, THE LOST CITY OF THE MONKEY GOD is a real life archaeology adventure with some real life history. The problem of course is that the book is about real life archaeology in ancient America. Prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus, ancient archaeology is primarily the Maya and Inca civilizations. Both civilizations just seemingly popped up out of the jungles of Central and South America. This book does not alter that impression. You would think it would. But then your realize that the author is all about the adventure, not the archaeology. This turns out to be a very good thing.

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