Without A Trace – Inside the Robert Durst Case – Book Review

WithoutATraceInsidetheRobertDurstCasAuthor: Marion Collins
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Copyright: 2002, ISBN: 0312985029
Cover: Rex USA/New York Post
Reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, November 1, 2015

Summary: Reads like gossip but is fact-filled and fascinating in what it reveals about the breath of human delusion–self and otherwise. Multimillionaire Robert Durst oozes through suspicion of mischief and murder to eventually be arrested on suspicion of malfeasance in the execution style murder of a close friend.

After jumping bail in Galveston, Texas, in flight from a September 2001 charge of murder with discovery of the dismembered body of Morris Black, Robert Durst was arrested in Bath, Pennsylvania for shoplifting. The arrest occured in November of that year. Reporting information gleamed from Detective Gary Hammer of the Colonial Regional Police, author Marion Collins quotes him as saying, “‘Less than an hour after he’d [Durst] been taken into custody, we [the police department] got calls from three lawyers.’” This was before the arrest of Durst burst into the public domain and before the obligatory one phone call of the accused.

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