The Anunnaki of Nibiru –Book Review

The Anunnaki of Nibiru TGBLOGGER REVIEW

The Anunnaki of Nibiru TGBLOGGER REVIEW

Author: Gerald Clark, MSEE PSI

Publisher: Gerald Clark

Copyright: 2013, ISBN: 1491211229

Reviewed by: Lynard Barnes

Summary: According to THE ANUNNAKI OF NIBIRU, Zecharia Sitchin’s Anunnakis are implementing the New Word Order right before our eyes and we do not see it. Did we mention that the aliens who gave birth to human civilization are manipulating world events to create a New World Order. Did we mention this book is about the Anunnaki of planet Nibiru instituting a New World Order with a lot of speculative science tossed in? Please do not ask what took them so long? That would be another book.

In this book, sandwiched between Zecharia Sitchin’s history of the Anunnaki and the threat posed by an approaching New World Order directed by the Aunnaki is some surprisingly informative speculation on human consciousness. It is getting through the first part of this book that is tough. You could definitely skip the last part and not miss anything of informative value.

Having read all his works, even for those of us intrigued by the revisionist history of Zecharia Sitchin the condensation of Sitchin’s material in THE ANUNNAKI OF NIBIRU amounts to a cut-and-paste-at-will job minus the passion of attention to detail. In short, this book adds nothing to Stichin’s original exposition of Sumer history and the Anunnaki.

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