And Then She Killed Him – Book Review

AndThenSheKilledHi.img0Author: Robert Scott

Publisher: Pinnacle Books, Kensington Publishing Corp, 119 West 40th Street, NY, NY

Copyright: 2012, ISBN: 0786020386

Reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, May 26, 2014

Summary: Two rather titillating features of this book. First, the author did not include any mention of a “black widow” in the title nor in the narrative. Second, it makes you realize that there are some places in this country where “justice” really is a principle as opposed to a doctrine. The difference between criminal trials in Colorado and Florida are exemplars, though the author never brings the subject up.


AND THEN SHE KILLED HIM is the third book this reviewer has read by Robert Scott. His last book, GIRL IN THE LEAVES was reviewed here in March 2013. (His 2008, DRIVEN TO MURDER about a murder committed on a ranch owned by TV journalist Sam Donaldson, though not reviewed in TGJ, is definitely worth checking out). One element of Scotts’ writing is very clear: he evaluates his subject matter and unravels it appropriately in precise and limited topics.  In GIRL IN THE LEAVES the narrow focus on just the essentials lead to a great deal of extraneous and un-necessary information—padding, in other words. In AND THEN SHE KILLED HIM, there is none of that. He sticks to and expands on the subject and in the process provides some truly enlightening information about the judicial system.

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