Earth: An Alien Enterprise – Book Review

Author: Timothy Good

Publisher: Pegasus Books, 80 Broad St, 5th Floor, New York, NY

Copyright: 2013, ISBN: [1605984865]

Cover: Michael Fusco, MPluse.Net

Reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, February 21, 2014



Summary: UFOs, lights in the sky and non-human entities. Through his work Timothy Good sets the standard for exploring UFO matters. In this Good establishes, perhaps unwittingly, the firmest foundation presented thus far for analyzing the “extraterrestrials are among us” argument as something more than a fringe element exploring a hypothetical reality. The fringe is there. The hypothetical reality; not so much. Whatever your position on UFOs, this book will definitely solidify your opinion.


As an armchair historian I have always been fascinated by the mysticism that permeated upper class Russian society before the fall of the Russian aristocracy. There are those who would argue that the emergence of communism in 1917 Russia was a direct result of the Gnosticism encircling the early era of Christianity. The essence of this argument is correct: there is an aberrant strain of rationalism (i.e., logic dressed-up in logical proofs) in Western thought that allows for the rise of such rational based paradigms as Soviet communism (as opposed to socialism),  “scientific” Nazism and today’s “religious-nationalistic” terrorism. This aberrant strain is no small matter. It is however occult. This aberrant rationalism comes down to the quintessential question of whether you should accept my reality or whether I should accept yours. Rationally of course, this should not even be a question.

What does Gnosticism have to do with lights in the sky and flying saucers?

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