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Beyond 2012: The Omega Point – Review

by: Strieber, Whitley

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC

Cover: Getty Images

Copyright: 2010

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes 7/6/2011

Summary:  The world does not end on December 21, 2012. It ends in 2020–give or take. Read Strieber’s Author’s Note at the end of the novel for the real stimulation.

This is not a good review. However, if you follow reviews in TGBlogger, you know the difference between following ideas and following authors. TGBlogger follows ideas. Fresh ideas. New ways of expressing old ideas. If it is not new, or if it is not a new way of looking at an old idea, why bother? Whitley Strieber’s novel, BEYOND 2012: THE OMEGA POINT fits into this why-bother-category and would be regulated to that category-and hence, not appear in this journal-if it were not for his extensive Author’s Note at the end of the novel.

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Social Animal, The – Review

by: Brooks, David

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, New York

Cover: Thomas Beck Stvan & Ruby Levesque

Copyright: 2011

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, 07/02/2011

Summary: Really two separate expositions. The long part, as exemplars of the human condition, we are introduced to Harold and Erica and in Chapter 2 and follow their lives from birth to death. The short part is a narrative compilation statistical measurements of human social behavior interspersed throughout the story of Harold and Erica.

David Brooks is a conservative op-ed columnist for The New York Times and a favorite talking head of this reviewer. The conservative moniker in relation to THE SOCIAL ANIMAL is relevant because of low-level discordant static emanating from the 424 pages of this book. (Low-level discordant static is a cute way of saying potential contradictions).

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