Last Days of Ptolemy Grey – Review

by: Mosley, Walter

Publisher: Riverhead Books, Penguin Group 375 Hudson St, NY,NY

Copyright: 2010

Type: Hardcover

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes 6/4/2011

Summary: Ninety-one year old Ptolemy Grey gets a chance to reshape the lives of those around him with the help of a miracle drug.

If you have read Ralph Ellison’s 1953 novel INVISIBLE MAN or Richard Wright’s 1940 novel NATIVE SON, then you are familiar with the texture of THE LAST DAYS OF PTOLEMY GREY. Distinctly American literature which explores the inner voice of people on the fringe. The irony of course is that we are all, readers and authors alike, on the fringe which may explain why there are so many novels floating around. The fringe is a solitary place. Unless you also have purpose. THE LAST DAYS OF PTOLEMY GREY examines a life with purpose, minor though the purpose may be.

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