Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA – Review

by Hoagland, Richard C. and Mike Bara

Publisher: Feral House Book (www.FeralHouse.com)

Copyright: 2007

Summary: NASA has been secretive about the photograhic data returned from missions to the Moon and Mars. The national security aspects of NASA’s charter does not allow it to be open with the public about discoveries of possible exterresterial artifacts discovered.

reviewed by: Lynard Banres 2/13/2008

Within this massive tomb examining some fairly amazing photos of the Moon and Mars landscape, the authors flirt with the idea that there is a new priesthood class in modern society called scientists. They don’t make too much of the observation-a good thing perhaps. But the reader is left with the nagging question of how much scientists know that they are not telling us. More germane to the subject matter at hand, are the scientists working in NASA and JPL hiding information on extraterrestrial artifacts found on the Moon and Mars.

This is not a book about aliens or alien artifacts. It is a book about space exploration by NASA and space photography. Along the way, it touches upon a lot of other subjects, hidden agendas, the military industrial complex, the Kennedy assassination among other subjects.

The most interesting ‘other subject’ is the initial discussion on physics, starting in Chapter 2 which is titled “Hyperdimensional Physics”. Without a doubt it is the most interesting chapter in the entire book and constitutes the foundation and pattern upon which the remaining chapters are framed. While the authors use the discussion of “hyperspace” to ease into conclusions regarding the Cydonia “ruins’ on Mars, the explanation of speculative physics in the chapter is both informative and enlightening. As for what follows, that’s a different story.

DARK MISSION is highly effective in raising doubt about the openness of NASA. It is the primary purpose of the book, tossed in with an argument espousing the authenticity of non-human artifacts on the Moon and Mars. Between flipping from the text to intriguing NASA photos at the end of each chapter (and a color spread in the middle of the book), the reader really starts to question the sincerity of NASA scientist who flatly deny the possibility of other intelligent beings having worked the terra firma of the Moon, Mars and Earth before. Hoagland and Bara make their case in a disarmingly straightforward manner, piling on circumstantial event after event to bolster their position. The method is the essence of yellow journalism though now days we have the conspiralism tag to hang on this stuff. As pejorative as that may be, the reader is still left with the question, why can’t NASA deliver a good picture of the Moon or Mars.

What was to become NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) had its origins in 1930’s California. John Whiteside Parson (born, we learn, on October 2, 1914, the same day as Charles Taze Russell, founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses) was a brilliant scientist. He provided the foundation for space exploration by the development of solid-fuel boosters. He was also, the authors point out, a member of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orienis (OTO). Crowley, it may be recalled from any browsing of occultist literature, fancied himself the 666 Beast of biblical Revelations. Parson recruited other members for OTO, including L. Ron Hubbard who would go on to form The Church of Scientology. (The authors point out, as claimed by the Church of Scientology, that Hubbard may have been sent by the U. S. Navy to infiltrate and break up the Los Angeles “‘black magic cult'” It is a familiar scenario played out in history before). Parson, along with Theodore von Karmen established JPL while delving into ether world of magic. The quirky side of Parson, the astral travels offered by OTO, communication with extraterrestrial entities, and so forth, were adjuncts to the occult, inner JPL culture that was to have a fundamental influence upon America’s space program-or so contends Hoagland and Bara. And then there were those Nazi scientist.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was created on July 29, 1958. The year before Soviet Russia had launched Sputnik. The authors make much of the fact that NASA was really an extension of the military-industrial complex; that NASA’s charter specifically stated that one of its goals was to “‘enhance the defense of the United States of America'”. Does the defense of America require the government to have secrets? Are among those secrets that there is an extraterrestrial civilization stalking us from the firmament? The authors do not answer this question explicitly. Instead, there is a round-house punch at the dual “culture” of the agency. On the one hand there are the scientist who are interested in the truth and on the other, those with an agenda. The scientists imported from Hitler’s ‘NAZI regime are discretely lumped into the later category.

The dual “culture” emerged at the start of the 1960s when Kenneth S. Kleinknecth was made director of Project Mercury. Aside from being a Freemason, he was the brother of C. Fred Kleinknecht who “was the Sovereign Grand Command of the Supreme Council, [33rd degree], Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasons, Southern Jurisdiction for the United States of America…” Masons were placed in the highest levels of the space program and there was “clear preference for Freemasons” to be selected as astronauts in the Mercury program. The dual culture at work.

With a finesse that could be envied by any writer on conspiracies, the authors bring in the John F. Kenney assassination to support their contention that the NASA is more then it purports to be. On November 12, 1963, Kennedy issued the National Security Action Memorandum #271 which called for “Cooperation With the USSR on Outer Space Matters”-the title of the memorandum. The authors state right up front that “Whenever anyone brings up that fateful day in Dallas, November 22, 1963, and includes it in any dialog on any other subject, then that subject immediately becomes subject to scorn and ridicule.” It is the “third rail” o f conspiracy theories. From this point the authors go on to examine the assassination. Like everything else in this book, the authors make a very strong-consistent, logical-case that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy. Their prime suspect for the people behind the killing is not new. They do come up with a novel reason for the way the Kennedy presidency ended and it is related to memorandum #271.

You will have noticed by now there this review has not mentioned much about the photos of the Moon and Mars which comprise the core of DARK MISSION.

In DARK MISSION, the authors present the idea that the moon contains glass “scaffolding” and there are a great number of photos in the book purportedly supporting the idea. Here the reader is on their own. The authors search for an explanation of a “atmospheric ‘airglow limb'” around the moon which some NASA photos show. The authors’ explanation, since the moon lacks an atmosphere unlike the earth with an atmosphere, is that there is a glass scaffolding rising above the Moon surface. Logical? Yes. But does it make sense? No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Which brings us right back to the new priesthood class called scientists.

(NOTE: The endnotes section of the DARK MISSION contains a list of web sites where photos are available (not all the URLs are active). Despite the following discussion, the reader might want to take a look for themselves at the entire argument of DARK MISSION encapsulated in a photo of the Face On Mars. To do so, go to the http://www.enterprisemission.com/mola.htm site. Then take a look at NASA’s site, http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2001/ast24may_1.htm for a really good comparison. NASA photos themselves make a strong case that NASA is distorting what the public sees. Again, if we have the technology to put a man on the moon, why are some-not-all–photos form our space exploration vehicles so featureless, distorted and in black and white? Well, a simple, common sense answer to that might be that the scale we are looking at [miles as opposed to inches or yards] is so vast. How much bleeding detail do you want?)

Then there is the entire circus surrounding the Face on Mars controversy. It is in exploring this controversy that the authors are able to at least stand on scientific principles while NASA seems to be playing a spin the information game. A simple, high resolution photo would settle the matter once and for all. There is such a photo of course. But the matter remains unsettled. Looking at a high resolution photo of the Face On Mars, the authors of DARK MISSION now point out that the image has a distinctly “Feline” symmetry. Looking at the photo, they are absolutely correct. NASA however continues with the “spin” argument that we are simply looking at a lunar feature which looks artificial.

It might help to put the entire Face controversy into perspective if NASA pointed out that the Face is almost a two mile square area of rock and lunar sand reaching as high as 800 feet above the surface. Over such a large area, even in high resolution, it is impossible not to see a resemblance to something especially when there are features allowing the perception of depth.

DARK MISSION is recommended reading because it is so expertly crafted to achieve its goal. As for the goal however, what appears to be NASA manipulation of public opinion and a hidden agenda can be just as easily explained by gross incompetency. The book is worth reading.