Angels and Demons – Book Comment

AngelsAndDemonsby:  Brown, Dan

Publisher:  Pocket Start Books

Copyright: 2000

Type: Paperback

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, December 22,2005


Summary: Excellent Story with proper twists.


Robert Langdon, the protagonist in THE DAVINCI CODE, is flown from his bed at Mach 15 to arrive at the Conseil Europeen ppour la Rescherche Nucleaire (CERN) where he is met by Doctor Evil, or as he is known in this story, Maximillian Kohler, CERN’s director. A little latter of course, the real protagonist of the story, Vittoria Vetra, tall, thin, lithe and graceful, “a woman of tremendous personal strength” shows up. With the characters in place, Dan Brown then launches an episode of the Illuminati versus the Catholic Church. This story is infinitely better than THE DAVINCI CODE, but . . . .

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