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Voice From the Grave, A

by: Mercado, Carol

Publisher:: Diamon Books, The Berkley Publishing Group

Copyright: 1979

Type: Paperback

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, 6/5/1994  

Summary:  Excellent. Highly Recommended.  A murder victim comes back form the grave to reveal her assailant.                                                              

Reprinted from Crushies Book Review, June 1994 Volume I, Issue No. 1:
Dateline: Chicago, February 1977. Teresta Basa, a therapist at Edgewater Hospital, was found murdered in her apartment today.

As familiar in 1977 as now, reports of murder steam by us in the daily paper. Occasionally, the stream stops–a child is shot for no other reason than that they are a child in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the others–the dope dealers, the dope buyers, the gang members, the accident victims, the mere victims–they have become so commonplace in their deaths that death announcements blur in the current. Blur that is if the death is deemed worthy enough to be announced by the mechanics of news in the first place….
Why was the death of Teresita Basa different? The angle, the news merchants would say, was that her spirit supposedly possessed another woman who then identified her murderer.

Mercado’s book is worth reading despite the sensational angle. The writer handles it well. The possession by the dead woman is discussed, the affect it has upon the woman possessed and her family. More importantly, Mercado gives us a sense of Teresita Basa and the love of those around her which may have contributed to her “coming back”.

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